First Time Home Buyer Testimonial- The Jones Family Testimony

I found out about and Jose Mejia through one of my longtime friends and a church member. I heard rave reviews, and knew that my husband and I wanted to start the process. I repeat the PROCESS.  I contacted and spoke with Jose Mejia in November of 2011; I had an actual face to face with him in January 2012. I was blown away; he was efficient, thorough, and well informed. This was very satisfying because often times you have referrals, and they don’t work out as they worked out for family or friends, but this was totally opposite. I began the process cleaning up the credit, sending out the papers, and emails. I was DETERMINED.

We started looking at homes around April, and found the house that I wanted in May. Unfortunately, at the time it was not in our budget, oh No! I began to often think that this was not our time. God saw otherwise. After looking at short sales, resales, and other homes, I just was not happy like I was the first time that I saw my home in May 2012.  I remember, vividly, driving back out to the area and going to meet with the sales agent and Jose, and she stated “this is the only house in the community I can’t sell.” My husband responded “this is our house and that is why you can’t sale it.” I looked at him in awe at his conviction, and stood behind his words.   What do you know a quick call to her boss, and the price was right in our budget. Wow look at GOD. The real PROCESS started; bank checks, job checks, everything you name it check, even a sample of blood from your first born, LOL.

At this time I was so overwhelmed with papers, emails, and phone calls that I was just ready for the process to be over. After doing everything multiple times, we were told we were not approved for the initial loan, and had to come up with 3.5%. My husband and I had not put away that much and the doubt was starting to rear its ugly head.  I called Jose; he immediately reviewed some rules for the loan and told me that he would handle it. I said yes, but in the back of my head I was beginning to doubt and to think that my dream house was up for grabs.  In the middle of this process, I lost my uncle unexpectedly. In the midst of all of this, GOD had a plan that I could not draw up better.

It was now August and I had hopes of closing before school started so that I could have my children acclimated to the school system, that didn’t happen. Then one day August 15, 2012 I got the call “the house is yours, when can you close?”  I immediately fell down on my knees and began to cry and rejoice for what God had done for my family and me. I set the date for August 24, 2012, but was called back, “Can you do it this Friday?” Just like that, on August 17, 2012 my husband and I became official HOMEOWNERS.  We are so grateful for Jose being in our lives through this process. His emails, texts, and calls were always right on time. I have recommended so many people to and don’t think they will be disappointed.   We will rejoice for this, our TESTimony.  Thank you guys


The Jones Family

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It is a clever idea to visit a home that you are interested in several times. This is a good idea as the neighborhood might be different depending on what day of the week it is. Try and do one visit on the weekend and another on a weekday. Read more

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A home inspection is sometimes not needed by the bank, however it should be done even if it’s not needed. When buying a property, it is essential that you know what you are purchasing, so be certain to have a home inspection done by a pro. A untrained observer may not see some things that are astray, so it’s smart to get a certified home inspector to have a look at it completely before buying. Read more

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